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The MMI interlocks the knowledge requirements (people interests, learning candidates, mentees) and the knowledge-portfolio (answering parties, experts, mentors). Despite the sharing or public communities and portals, the MMI not just builds up the networking lace, but this process results in a value-creation and innovation as a useful knowledge transfer and help on each others personal, career or business development directions.

The aim of MMI is the <br>INSPIRATION...

The aim of MMI is the
INSPIRATION... impulsive, inspirative, compelling reason, motivation, which are the motors of the spiritual and mental activity, that results to ongoing INNOVATION in the creative mindsets (in members of MMI public community), ensure the professional development, practical ways of implementations of new concepts, renewal of general thinking. By the MMI portal, we provide a public interface for the idea sharing and interest development for every open minded people and also select our trusted MMI mentors for leading the members through on this continuous development toward the self confidence and unique thougths earned innovation.